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Child Education

When Will You Enrol Your Child in Preschool

If you have a child who is preschool age, you need to review the advantages of a preschool enrolment. Children who attend preschool enjoy certain benefits not afforded to their peers who wait to attend school as kindergarteners. The Preschool Advantage By taking advantage of trusted preschool services in Burnham-on-Sea, your child receives the following: …

Child Care
Child Education

Strategies For Settling Children Into Childcare

Settling Children into Childcare on Day One Settling children into childcare differs depending on their age, temperament and the period of time they have spent away from their parents with other people. The anxiety level shown by the child at the time of the parent leaving them for the first time at the centre will …

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Child Education

What are Children Learning at School and Its Value

The Value of Children Learning Today the value of children learning is being challenged. We are seeing this when a child has finished their 12 years of schooling as many do not have the appropriate knowledge for a job. As author ‘Studying subjects they will never use, preparing for a world that no longer exists’. …

Children Science
Child Education

Kids Science Projects Develop Skills

Why Science For Children? Children are the nation greatest potential asset. Science for children allows them to grow up being able to be decision makers, a skill that sets them up for learning with understanding. Children will become writers, doctors, scientists and all most anything they set their mind too. Children are constantly learning all …

Child toys
Child Education

Guide To Choosing Educational Toys For Children

In the last few years, parents started getting more and more interested in choosing all sorts of educational toys for their children. Because a parent wishes the best for his child, a toy that is labeled as educational is very likely to be bought easier than others. But what is an child educational toy? Well, …

Science experiments
Child Education

Science For Children – Fun Ideas You Can Do

The Importance of Science for Children We know that the first 5 years of a child’s life is important. They become independent little people with the curiosity to learn and discover things. The foundations for learning are created and their critical thinking skills and creativity blossom. A child’s personality and direction in life takes shape …

Child Care Centre
Child Education

Benefits Of A Child Care Centre

A child care centre or preschool serves a very vital function in preparing young children for the transition to primary school. When professionally run by highly qualified early childhood teachers, these facilities can offer many useful benefits to young children, which can be greatly meaningful to them even during their adult life. In order to …