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Plagramme – a plagiarism report that is truly useful

The most useful part of any plagiarism checking service is undoubtably – the report. Plagiarism report is crucial to every user because it outlines and shows the most essential and crucial mistakes/issues with the text. You could call the report a summary or a conclusion piece, but the essence is the same. Without the report, plagiarism detectors have no use. In this short piece we would like to discuss how Plagramme – a multilingual plagiarism checker gives its users a great plagiarism report where no questions are necessary.

Analysis made clear

Every software detecting plagiarism is conducting thorough analysis. They sort of read and compare the text with the stuff they have in their database. For example, Plagramme has a database consisting of over 14 trillion indexed websites, articles, pieces of information etc. By combining the world’s most advanced technology in plagiarism detection with a lot of data, you get an advanced product which is also functional. Even though hundreds or even thousands of algorithms run in the background to conduct the check, the final results are clear and simple to understand. No complexities or difficulties obstruct.

What does the report really show?

All sorts of data, really. However, the report itself is divided into a few main parts. Plagramme generated report shows:

  • Risk of plagiarism
  • Similarity between your and other documents
  • Paraphrasing and bad citations

Every single one of these criteria chip in to make your document seem or seem not plagiarised. By reading the report you can know on how to act next. Do not avoid checking because it will help develop your writing skillset as well as steering you out of trouble.

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