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Useful Tips To Help Students Become Better Learners

Every student is unique and usually, each one of them come with different learning capabilities. They learn at a different pace and interpret information in several ways. However, the main factor that affects their learning and study habits is their individual personality. It also determines how students view schooling and education. Having said that, no student is born perfect and are good learners. Most of the time students need to work on developing better study skills and even modify their personality including their attitude and mindset. They need to be further supplied with the right motivation or encouragement from both the educators and the parents. Besides, learning is not limited to just the classroom. It is quite important for any student to have academic as well as social growth as it will significantly boost their desire to learn.

Now comes the question, how can students become better learners and explore the joys of learning? Well, we have listed a few strategies below which educators and parents can follow and help their children or students  

Encourage Students To Read More and Often

Students should be encouraged to develop a habit of reading. This habit significantly translates to students growing a greater love for learning. In this, reading goals can be set and reading activities should be conducted. These will further bring improvements in students’ cognitive development, vocabulary, writing skills and more.

Direct Them To The Right Resources

With the availability of the internet, we have easy access to a lot of information. Students can browse through the internet and quickly access a lot of study materials like subject-wise notes, digital textbooks, video lectures, podcasts, tutorials and a whole lot more. It is crucial for parents and educators to direct their children and students to the right resources which include appropriate websites that offer the needed material. Take, for instance, if a science student wants to learn about VSEPR theory then they can be suggested to open webpages like Wikipedia and other education websites that seemingly offer all the information on the topic.

Develop Connections With The Real World

Learning is not limited to just the four walls of the school buildings. As such, students can become good learners if they can understand how certain material connects with their life. To achieve this, students should be engaged in activities that will help them develop real-world problem-solving skills. Exercises can be conducted where students will be able to write down solutions to the problems and at the same time discuss them openly.

Collaborative Learning Results In Higher Production

Another important strategy is to give students more opportunities to collaborate with others. This will lead to the generation of new ideas and learning becomes progressive. Moreover, maintaining a healthy student engagement will significantly lead to better academic achievements and performances.

Identifying The Right Style

As stated above, every student is totally different from each other and they have their own preferences and learning styles. In such a scenario, educators need to identify the right techniques that will add to the learning capabilities of the students. Various forms of learning and teaching methods like visual, auditory, verbal, logical, social and solitary can be applied to help students become good learners. Use of animations, videos quizzes, songs and games can further motivate children or students to learn more. It will be helpful especially when students have to learn difficult topics like Valence bond theory.  The topic can be explained in the form of animations which will help students understand it clearly and they will also be able to recall it more vividly.

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