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Preparing for Online Learning

Online Learning

The more prepared you are on your first day of online classes, the more successful you will be. Get education tips advice for preparing to go back to school here.

Before Classes Begin

The education tips advice that we offer in this section should be completed before the first day of class. First, go over the syllabus thoroughly. In most online schools, the class materials must be posted at least the day before the class begins, so take advantage of them. Note any due dates listed in the syllabus and email the instructor if you have questions. Secondly, get comfortable with the course management system, such as WebCT or e-College. Make sure you know how to log in and find your way around the online classroom. Try clicking on everything you see to familiarize yourself with the system. You can always click the “back” button if something goes wrong. Finally, review the technology requirements for the class. Verify that your software, browser, and antivirus system are all up to date and in compliance with the course requirements.

Managing Your Time

Our time management education tips advice will help you stay on schedule with your class and meet deadlines consistently. First, determine what time of day is the most productive for studying purposes. If you think best in the morning, for example, try to allot an hour or two each day for studying during that time. Secondly, map out a timeline for assignments and papers. Working on a project in small chunks rather than all at once will improve the quality of your work and help you concentrate better. Lastly, set goals for each study session. Make a brief list of objectives you’d like to accomplish every time you log in to your classroom or sit down to study. This will help keep you on task. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any inquiries.

Locate Online Institutions

When you’re ready to start investigating individual online institutions, we can put you in contact with reputable distance learning programs for free. We partner with several of the top online learning institutions, so we can help you locate the ideal program for you. Just fill out our short questionnaire at any time to get started.

Education Tips Advice for Remaining Motivated

Keeping up your motivation levels can be difficult in an online class if you work full time and/or have a family. You may also struggle with your motivation if the subject matter of the class doesn’t interest you or if you don’t feel connected to your peers. When these obstacles present themselves, try these suggestions to boost your motivation:

  • Look for sub-topics that interest you. If the course material as a whole is uninteresting to you, try to focus on smaller points that might be more interesting.
  • If you feel disconnected from the online classroom, post a few messages directly replying to your classmates’ comments. Do the same thing for your instructor’s comments. Engaging in the learning environment will help you feel connected.
  • Establish clear goals and think of ways to reward yourself when you achieve them.

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