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What are Children Learning at School and Its Value

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The Value of Children Learning

Today the value of children learning is being challenged. We are seeing this when a child has finished their 12 years of schooling as many do not have the appropriate knowledge for a job. As author ‘Studying subjects they will never use, preparing for a world that no longer exists’. Many students describe their school days as boring and not relevant. This is not because they don’t like learning it’s because they can’t see ‘value’. So how do we define this value for them and help as a parent to support their issues? Children learning today needs a far superior sophisticated education.

What has Happened with Children Learning?

Lets step back a few years to pre kindergarten or childcare and in today’s age start to understand what are the main key things about children learning that a child needs to be successful. Then look at how children learning now effectively influences what they achieve in later life. Also when they can do this? You’ve got the answer haven’t you? If it was that easy there would be no challenge for children learning.

Today’s students need a challenge they need to be switched on and children learning has to be relatable! So why do schools then not provide for this. See this article for further reading. Well, they are still operating on 19th century practices and not changing the way children learning happens today. As an example: The model T Ford vehicle was developed in 1908. Today we see the technology of cars has changed and improved overtime for specific reasons. The conditions of the environment, the progress of materials, development of scientific studies and research….and the list goes on! So many things have changed, grown and taken human beings lives on an amazing journey.

Children Learning and Education Today

Education, unfortunately is very slow to respond, change and progress at the pace needed to support today’s technical digital experts. Children today need to have a good understanding of language and communication to support children learning; Literacy awareness through books and any multimedia avenue; Numeracy that support them to connect mathematically; Science to support their discovery learning and inquisitiveness; Social and emotional connections for friendships and relationship building and a love of themselves for who they are, a creative and connected human being.

Key Elements Required for Children Learning Today

When we look at children learning today these essential skills are required for them when they leave school:

Digital awareness
Literacy and numeracy skills
Connections to the real world
Second language skills

As a connected parent you can begin to change the way your child is learning from a very early age. If you provide the emotional support and direction that incorporates the key elements that are required today for a successful learner. With the enormous amount of multi-media resources available, and guiding their safety aspects and use in the arena, you are heading in the right direction.

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