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How to Work in Groups in Online Study

Online Study

A lot of students now opt to study online because of the sheer convenience that this medium of education offers. However, studying online has its own challenges. You have to be a motivated individual who dedicatedly keeps up with the online classes and assignments, and collaborates with other individuals to form study groups for better understanding …


Home Versus Travel-based Language Learning

Language Learning

When you have set your mind on learning a new language, you are in the position to choose how to start learning it. You basically have three options: starting a practical home-based language learning course (possibly an online one), starting a so-called “travel-based” learning experience that would have you travel to a country speaking the …


Childhood Development – Using Learning Experiences

Child development

Want to know what the best thing is to support your child’s learning development. It’s spending time with you. The experiences that they get from this invaluable experience lasts a lifetime! Rich learning experiences are a must for childhood development. When was the last time you spent 1 on 1 with your child, just you and them? …

Child Education

Strategies For Settling Children Into Childcare

Child Care

Settling Children into Childcare on Day One Settling children into childcare differs depending on their age, temperament and the period of time they have spent away from their parents with other people. The anxiety level shown by the child at the time of the parent leaving them for the first time at the centre will …

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A Few Devices to Help Your Studying

Devices help in studying

In today’s enhanced technology world, electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, net books, broadband and WIFI set-top boxes have become part of life for many people. Nowadays, students need to know how to study smart on top of study hard. Therefore, they don’t just rely on paper and pen, but they need to know how …

Child Education

What are Children Learning at School and Its Value

day care

The Value of Children Learning Today the value of children learning is being challenged. We are seeing this when a child has finished their 12 years of schooling as many do not have the appropriate knowledge for a job. As author ‘Studying subjects they will never use, preparing for a world that no longer exists’. …

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Social Issues in Education

Social issues

If there is one thing that makes or breaks an individual – it is his education. Schools, where children study, learn and prepare for life, thus need to provide the right kind of environment so that students can get an education properly. In schools, students are taught languages, mathematics, science, history and a number of other subjects. …

Online Education

Advantages of the Internet in Education

Internet in Education

The Internet is the largest set of computer networks that use the Internet Protocol. The invention and development of the Internet was the biggest discovery by mankind in the 20th century that lead to a revolution. Today, the Internet is used by more than 50% of the world population as its applications are found in nearly …

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Education Tips Advice for Students with Families

Education tips

Adult students with families face special challenges in returning to school with so many obligations. Our education tips advice for students with families may help ease the transition. Pursuing a Degree Online Advancing your education could launch your career to new heights. Educated employees have higher earnings, more options, and better job satisfaction levels than …